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CHOICES - Auto and Homeowners

The Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) developed CHOICES to help consumers shop for affordable insurance rates. The Office began CHOICES with the homeowners line of business and has now added auto insurance. This system demonstrates the importance of shopping for the best policy that suits your needs.

CHOICES provides average rate information from the largest writers of auto and homeowners in the state of Florida. Several examples of standard risks are available for comparative purposes. The rates are for illustrative purposes only. Although these rates reflect the most recent filings approved by the Office, you are encouraged to contact the insurance companies for an official premium quote.

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NOTE: This website contains links to PDF documents. If you are unable to view these documents, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


THE SAMPLE RATES ARE PROVIDED FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES ONLY. The listing of an insurance company on this site does not constitute an endorsement by the Office. The insurance companies listed on this site may not be writing new business. The rates provided do not include surcharges or discounts that may apply to a particular policy. Actual rates may vary.

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