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The cost of auto insurance in Florida can vary significantly based on four primary factors in addition to geographic location:

  • Who is covered (demographic features of the drivers)
  • Type of vehicle insured
  • Type of coverage
  • Amount of coverage

Since the different scenarios are infinite, CHOICES utilizes three different risks characterized below. Please note, your individual circumstances may vary from these examples, so it is recommended that you contact the insurance companies for an official premium quote. Please select from the following examples:

Senior Married Couple

Married Male (Age 70), Married Female (Age 65) – One car, no accidents or violations in the last 3 years, pleasure driving use – 6,000 miles per year. More details

Single Female

Single Female (Age 25) – One car, one violation and one no-fault accident in the preceding 3 years, work driving use – 12,000 miles per year. More details

Family with Young Drivers

Married Male (Age 50), Married Female (Age 50), Single Male (Age 20), Single Female (Age 18) – Two cars, no violations or accidents in past 3 years, work driving use and pleasure driving use – one car 12,000 miles per year; the second car 8,000 miles per year. More details

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Example Name

Example Description
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What is a hip roof?

A hip roof, or hipped roof, is a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. Thus it is a house with no gables or other vertical sides to the roof. A square hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. Hip roofs on rectangular houses will have two triangular sides and two trapezoidal ones.

The shape of these roofs make them less susceptible to wind damage. As a result, they are entitled to greater discounts.

A square hip roof is shown in the illustration below:

Hip roof example

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THE SAMPLE RATES ARE PROVIDED FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES ONLY. The listing of an insurance company on this site does not constitute an endorsement by the Office. The insurance companies listed on this site may not be writing new business. The rates provided do not include surcharges or discounts that may apply to a particular policy. Actual rates may vary.

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