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The Commissioner's Leadership Roles on Several Important National and International Committees

Commissioner McCarty has consistently been a leader in insurance regulation, which includes not only consumer protection for Florida policyholders, but also to strengthen insurance regulation on a nationwide basis. His leadership at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), is demonstrated by Florida's participation on addressing numerous significant insurance issues such as solvency regulation, consumer protection initiatives, use of technology for greater transparency and speed to market.

Since assuming his role as insurance commissioner in 2003, McCarty has been an active NAIC member. In December 2008, Commissioner McCarty was elected by his fellow commissioners to the post of NAIC's secretary-treasurer, as vice president in 2009 and president-elect in 2010. Commissioner McCarty served as President of the NAIC in 2012 and and achieved the organization’s key initiatives, which included approving changes to the Actuarial Guideline (AG 38) and adoption of the Valuation Manual for implementing principle-based reserving. He continues to serve as a past president. In 2016, Florida will serve on a number of key committees, task forces and work groups.

Florida has also maintained a strong international presence due to McCarty's serving as a NAIC representative on the International Association of Insurance Supervisors' (IAIS). At the IAIS, in addition to his participation in numerous working groups, task forces and committees, McCarty currently serves as the vice-chair of the IAIS Executive Committee. He is the state official member of the International Issues Task Force Working Group for the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), which was developed to focus on global standards and capital requirements, group supervision and other international insurance-related issues. His extensive regulatory expertise in this area also earned him the leadership role as Chair over the 2016 NAIC International Insurance Relations (G) Committee.