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Life and Health Product Review

Health Checklist Index

OIR-B2-520 Individual Health Application Checklist

OIR-B2-521 Individual Health Outline of Coverage Checklist

OIR-B2-523 Individual Health Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-524 Out-of-State Group Health Checklist

OIR-B2-525 Group Health Application Checklist

OIR-B2-526 Group Health Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-527 Debtor Group Application Checklist

OIR-B2-528 Additional Information Checklist/Debtor Group

OIR-B2-529 Debtor Group Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-535 Blanket Health Contracts Checklist

OIR-B2-536 Franchise Health Application Checklist

OIR-B2-537 Franchise Health Outline of Coverage Checklist

OIR-B2-538 Franchise Health Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-539 Excess-Specific and Aggregate Checklist

OIR-B2-540 Informational Memorandum Checklist - Excess Specific and Aggregate

OIR-B2-541 Group/Individual Long Term Care Application Checklist

OIR-B2-542 Group/Individual Long Term Care Outline of Coverage Checklist

OIR-B2-543 Group/Individual Long Term Care Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-1354 Medicare Supplement Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1355 Medicare Supplement Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-1353 Pre-Paid Limited Benefit Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-1360 Pre-Paid Limited Benefit Ind. Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1359 Pre-Paid Limited Benefit Conversion Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1358 Pre-Paid Limited Benefit Group Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1357 Florida Small Group Health Checklist For Indemnity Plans Other Than Standard and Basic

OIR-B2-1356 Florida HMO Contract Checklist

OIR-B2-1607 Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) Contract and Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1616 Blanket Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1617 Florida HMO Individual Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1618 Florida HMO Master Group Application Checklist

OIR-B2-1619 Long Term Care Advertisement Checklist

OIR-B2-1620 Medicare Supplement Advertisement Checklist

OIR-B2-1621 Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage Checklist

OIR-B2-1622 Small Group Advertisement Checklist

OIR-B2-1623 Health Flex Plan Checklist

OIR-B2-1650 Residency Contract Checklist (CCRC)

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