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Life and Health Product Review

The Life and Health Product Review Unit ensures that all Life and Health policy forms and rates are in compliance with Florida Statutes and regulation. Chapters 627 and 641, Florida Statutes, are the principal statutes within the Insurance Code that govern the Unit's reviews. Applicable rules within the Florida Administrative Code also serve to guide these review processes. The primary function of the Unit is to review and act upon policy form and rate filings received from health and life insurance companies, health maintenance organizations and related entities. As each filing is received, it is reviewed to determine compliance with applicable actuarial standards, statutory provisions, and administrative rules.

The Unit is also responsible for the actuarial review of most health insurance rates to ensure that premiums are reasonable in relation to benefits as required by the Florida Insurance Code. Of key importance is assuring that rates are not inadequate, excessive, or unfairly discriminatory.

**Notice to All Life & Health Form and Rate Filers

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