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Doctor/Lawyer Malpractice Tracking System

Professional Liability Closed Claims Disclaimer and Notice

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Consumers are urged to read this notice prior to searching the closed claims database.

1. Florida's professional liability reporting statute (Chapter 627.912, F.S.) doesn't cover all licensed professionals or institutions. The law requires only that three entities -- insurance companies, self-insurance funds and joint underwriting associations -- file reports of alleged error, omission or negligence by insured doctors, dentists, hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), abortion clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, crisis stabilization units and lawyers.

2. The reports on this site stem from patient or client allegations and are public record. The site contains a listing of only those claims in which an insurer made a payment to a claimant to satisfy a judgment or reach a settlement, which companies sometimes do because it's less costly than fighting the matter in court. Consumers should also note that:

(a) Some providers and institutions covered by the closed claims law will not appear in this listing for various other reasons. For example, some may not carry professional liability insurance; and, others may be self-insured.

(b) Some of the closed claims -- because they date back many years -- involve professionals who have moved, retired or passed away. Likewise, some institutions may no longer exist; or, they may have changed names.

(c) Over the years, the claims reporting forms have changed. Prior to March 1988, for example, insurers could only report the name of a law firm instead of the name of the individual lawyer deemed responsible for the claim. In any event, neither the number nor amount of any claim is necessarily an indicator of professional competence or quality.

3. Consumers are advised to discuss and verify all information with the professional service provider or institution, and check all identifying factors to avoid confusion with similar names. Instructions for obtaining additional information from a closed claim report can be found by clicking here. (The average report is five pages long.)

4. Additional information from the Florida Medical Association, the Florida Hospital Association and certain HMOs can be viewed by clicking here.

5. Neither the Department of Financial Services nor the State of Florida accepts legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information on closed claim reports filed by insurers.

6. Inappropriate use of any closed claims information to make incomplete or misleading comparisons of professional providers or institutions may violate the law.



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