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OIR conducts a public rate hearing regarding the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) rate filing to hear testimony from the company and receive public comment. Details regarding the 2021 rate hearing are available below.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
Public Rate Hearing

2021 Citizens Rate Hearing

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) conducted a virtual rate hearing to receive public comment for Citizens’ proposed rate changes at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 15, 2021.

The purpose of the public hearing was to discuss Citizens’ proposed rate changes for its business in the Coastal Account (CA), Commercial Lines Account (CLA), and the Personal Lines Account (PLA).

The effective date of the proposed rate changes is August 1, 2021.

Public Comments / Testimony

Comments were accepted for consideration on rate filings until 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on March 26, 2021. Under Florida law, written communications to the OIR are public record and subject to disclosure, including being available to the public and media.

The chart below provides the overall estimated statewide average rate changes for personal lines accounts (PLA), commercial line accounts (CLA) and coastal accounts (CA). Rate filings can be accessed via the Insurance Regulatory Filing System (IRFS) using the file log numbers or company name. The most recent filing information will be at the bottom of the results page.

Order # 279215-21– Personal Lines, Coastal Accounts

Order # 279981-21– Commercial Lines Accounts

AccountOriginal Rate RequestedEstablished
21-003137Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA)+6.2%+3.2%
21-003138Homeowners Wind Only (CA)+7.0%+5.1%
21-003730Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Multi-Peril (PLA)+9.5%+9.1%
21-003742Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Wind Only (CA)+8.7%+7.8%
21-003743Mobile Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA)+9.3%+9.0%
21-003751Mobile Homeowners Wind Only (CA)+9.4%+9.4%
21-003976Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage Wind only (CA) #21-003976+9.4%+9.5%
21-003977Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage Multi-Peril (PLA) #21-003977+7.7%+3.3%
21-005398Commercial Residential Ex. Condo Multi-Peril (PLA)+7.8%+4.8%
21-005399Commercial Residential Condo Multi-Peril (PLA)+8.2%+5.4%
21-005569Commercial Non-Residential Multi-Peril (PLA)+10.0%+8.6%
21-005693Commercial Residential Ex. Condo Wind Only (CA)+10.1%+9.4%
21-005700Commercial Residential Condo Wind Only (CA)+9.6%+8.8%
21-005751Commercial Non-Residential Wind Only (CA)+10.0%+8.4%

The revised proposed Citizens rate filings listed below can be accessed via the IRFS Forms & Rates Filing Search system by using the following search criteria: file log numbers (see chart below) or by entering “Citizens” as the “company name” in the “Quick Search” tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the results page for the most recent filing information.
File Log #


AccountProposed Rate Level Effect by
Territory and Country
21-003137+6.2%Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA)HO-3, HO-4, HO-6 (PLA)
21-003138+7.0%Homeowners’ Multi-Peril (CA)HO-3, HO-4, HO-6 (CA)
21-003730+9.5%Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) (PLA)DP-1, DP-3 (PLA))
21-003742+8.7%Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Wind Only (CA)DP-3 (CA)
21-003743+9.3%Mobile Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA)MHO-3, MHO-4 (PLA)
21-003751+9.4%Mobile Homeowners Wind Only (CA)HO-3 (CA)
21-003976+9.4%Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage (CA)MHPD – Dwelling (CA)
21-003977+7.7%Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage Wind Only (PLA)MHPD – Dwelling (PLA)
21-005398+7.8%Commercial Residential Multi-Peril (CLA)CRM Non-Condo (CLA)
21-005399+8.2%Commercial Residential Multi-Peril (Condo Assn.) (CLA)CRM Condo (CLA)
21-005569+10.0%Commercial Residential Multi-Peril(CLA)CNRM (CLA)
21-005693+10.1%Commercial Residential Wind Only (CA)CRW Non-Condo (CA)
21-005700+9.6%Commercial Residential Wind Only Condo (CA)CRW Condo (CA)
21-005751+10.0%Commercial Non-Residential Wind Only (CA)CNRW (CA)